At Cullompton Community College we believe that an inclusive leadership programme promotes a sense of belonging in our community, which will engage students in the school environment, making them more likely to succeed in school and beyond. Students who are involved in our leadership programme have opportunities to feedback on their learning, develop relationships with staff and their peers and improve their interpersonal and communication skills. To enable students to hone their leadership skills we have developed a clear structure for leadership opportunities across four strands of focus:

  • Sustainability and Community
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Sport and Culture
  • Wellbeing

Each strand is led by a Student Captain, Vice Captain and a team of KS4 Prefects. The senior team work with the attached pillar associates from the remaining year groups to run an events programme designed to promote awareness and aid the development of each pillar focus in our community. We want as many pupils as possible to be involved in leadership at Cullompton Community College in order to nurture well rounded citizens who contribute to school life, the development of our community and leave us proficient in many of the skills needed to support their futures.