Implementation Statement

Our Teaching and Learning Policy is rooted in research and learns from a consideration of established educationalists such as Rosenshine, Lemov, Wiliam, Chrisodolou, DuFour and Fletcher-Wood. High quality teaching that demands high thinking and frequent knowledge retrieval, that develops habits of attention and provides appropriate assessment and effective in-line feedback, is the most effective strategy we have to raise standards for every student, but especially our SEND and Disadvantaged students.  We invest in improving our teaching by dedicating fortnightly peer coaching sessions for every teacher and fortnightly development sessions with a focus on pedagogy.  This ensures that every student receives the highest quality teaching allowing them to maximise their learning and to ensure that we have:


  • The highest levels of engagement for each and every student -by increasing their habits of attention. 

  • Built and reinforced each and every students’ schema -by frequently and regularly demanding knowledge retrieval

  • Examined and refined each and every students’ contemporary understanding -by the expert and frequent application of questioning strategies.

  • Improve reading and literacy skills.

  • Ensure effective explanations so that all students can know more, remember more and do more.


Our Teaching and Learning Policy is supported by the CCC Way to ensure that every student is prepared for every lesson, and that teachers use appropriate strategies, techniques and actions to ensure each and every student is learning.  The most important aspects of our Teaching and Learning Policy are outlined below.




Our lessons are structured to support the best behaviour expectations and routines and focus on accepted Principles of Instruction grounded in research.  The vast majority of our lessons follow through 6 phases.









For general enquiries about our curriculum or for further information, please email Chris Haynes