Cullompton Community College will always try to remain open wherever possible and a decision to close the school will only be made if we cannot keep the site safe or the travel routes to and from school are a cause for concern.  


However, in the event of extreme weather which threatens the safety of staff and students and  a decision to close the school is made, the following protocols will apply.


Closure before the start of the school day due to severe weather:

If we decide to close the school before school starts we will inform you in the following ways:


  1. We will send out a text message to inform parents & carers (please ensure the school office has your up to date mobile number).
  2. A message will appear on the school’s website, Twitter and Facebook accounts early each day and we will update the website, Twitter and Facebook with information, as far as possible, during the day.
  3. We will also notify Devon County Council, Radio Devon and Heart FM.

School open but certain bus routes not running:

There are occasions when the school is open but some of the bus companies are unable to operate their routes.  We do not always know these are cancelled before children leave for the bus stop.  The Devon County Council website does, however, carry information on which bus services are not running and we will update our website as soon as we have that information.

If a bus service is not running, students should try and find alternative transport to school if possible.   If not possible, they should return home and let the school know as soon as possible that their bus has not run.

If a bus has not run in the morning, it is highly unlikely the route will be restored in the afternoon.

Occasionally the bus companies take the decision to collect students early because of concerns about deteriorating weather.  In this case we will let parents /carers know by text or email and via our website, Twitter and Facebook as soon as possible.


Closure during the school day:

Our priority is to keep all students calm and safe, therefore, please follow these instructions so we can keep the children calm and reassured that they are safe.  Parents and carers are asked not to phone / text children if they are worried about deteriorating weather, as it causes them alarm and other children to panic.  However, if a parent / carer wishes to collect their child because of concerns about the safety of the journey home, they should telephone the school reception and we will get a message to the student that the parent / carer is on the way.


If for any reason weather forces us to close during the school day we will get out information in the following ways:


  • We will put information on our website, Twitter and Facebook.  Parents / carers will be sent a message via Parentmail.  This message will direct people to the school website which is where we will put all advice /  instructions.  Again we ask that parents / carers do not text or phone their child at this point as it will cause panic and over-excitement.
  • In the case of deteriorating weather the school buses may arrive early to ensure that students who catch the bus are able to get home.   This is at the bus company’s discretion and we usually have a call from them telling us they will arrive early.  We will send out the information if this is the case.  Students who catch the service business will need to make alternative arrangements.
  • Students who are being collected by car will be supervised until parents / carers arrive.  If parents / carers have made arrangements for their child to go home with a friend, we ask that we are informed for safeguarding requirements. 
  • If it becomes clear, in the unlikely event of extreme and dangerous weather, that we are forced to close we will post this on the website, Twitter, Facebook and text all parents / carers / staff for whom we have these details.  However, we will provide a safe place for students to wait.


Everything reasonably possible will be done to ensure children’s safety and well-being.

If you do not receive information from the school to the contrary, please assume that school will be open as usual.

In times of adverse weather, students are permitted to wear suitable footwear e.g. wellington boots.