Aims, Values and Code of Conduct

The AIMS of Cullompton Community College are to enable each student:

  • To achieve their full potential through the acquisition of attitudes, skills and knowledge
  • To foster individual self esteem and respect for others
  • To prepare themselves for taking their place in the wider community by living and working in the college community, in which all are equally valued and all equally share.

Our VALUES underpin our policies and practices:

  • Every student has an entitlement to learn, feel safe and be happy
  • Encouraging our students to have high expectations of themselves
  • Equal opportunity and fair treatment
  • Honesty and truth
  • Respect –between all members of our community, for self, for difference, for other people’s belongings, for nature and the environment
  • Caring for others, particularly the feelings of others
  • Recognising our own strengths and weaknesses
  • Self-discipline
  • Co-operating with one another
  • Loyalty and trust
  • Talking to solve problems

Code of Conduct

Respect everyone and be pleasant and polite

Every student must wear the College uniform correctly

Show maturity by letting learners learn and teachers teach

Proceed around the College quietly

Ensure you bring the right equipment and arrive on time to each lesson

Care for the College environment

Take pride in your work and always try your best

Cullompton Community College belongs to us all – let’s show pride in ourselves and our College.