Pastoral Support at Cullompton Community College

At Cullompton Community College, we believe that universal praise and recognition will motivate students to follow the College expectations. We aim to encourage standards of excellence and positive behaviour choices through fair and consistent policies. We believe it is important to recognise all our students, who are “in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things”.

  Support for students, parents and carers                       

Code of Conduct

  • Respect everyone and be pleasant and polite
  • Every student must wear the college uniform correctly
  • Show maturity by letting learners learn and teachers teach
  • Proceed around the College quietly
  • Ensure you bring the right equipment and arrive on time to each lesson
  • Care for the College environment
  • Take pride in your work and always try your best.


We are pleased to see that our students wear the CCC uniform with pride. Our students are expected to present a smart, positive image of themselves and the College, starting with appearance.

Core Uniform

  • Black Blazer with College Logo (compulsory);
  • Black Trousers or Black knee-length skirt;
  • Plain white blouse or shirt (long enough to be tucked in, and buttoned to the top);
  • College Tie;
  • Black, leather, waterproof shoes (low heeled, not backless or open toed and suitable for school wear);
  • Black V-neck jumper with College logo (optional);

Please note trainers, boots or canvas shoes are not part of the uniform and are not permitted.

For further information, please see our Uniform policy.

Social Media and Technology


Cullompton Community College activities to win House points individually and for the support of the House.


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Praise and Recognition

At Cullompton Community College the emphasis is on a whole school approach to supporting our students.  We provide all students with realistic opportunity for reward and recognition across our broad-based curriculum as well as in our extended schools programmes. We believe praise and recognition increases motivation and self-esteem and helps our students in developing positive relationships.

Effective praise is:

  •  Personal
  • Genuine,
  • Descriptive and specific,
  • Frequent and consistent,
  • Planned, as part of our school activity.

We universally praise and recognise our students through:

  • Quiet praise,
  • Public praise,
  • Written feedback in exercise books (What Went Well, Even Better If)
  • Merit stickers
  • Achievement points
  • House points
  • Positive phone calls
  • Praise postcards
  • Certificates
  • Displaying student work
  • Sending students to Tutors, senior leaders and Head teacher to show examples of good work
  • Student of the Day / Week / Month for tutor groups
  • Regular school reports
  • Trophies, medals and commendations
  • Celebration assessment and Celebration evenings
  • Reward trips and events

Pastoral Support

All students at CCC deserve the best and are entitled to High Quality first teaching. Teachers are skilled at differentiating their teaching to support individual pastoral needs. College students join a Tutor Group where students are all the same age. These groups are also the teaching groups and are arranged following a number of visits to our feeder Primary Schools. The teachers in the Primary Schools pass on academic and pastoral information and tell us about friendship groups. Students are placed in their Tutor Group with a least one person they have said they would like to be with.

Each class has a Form Tutor. Students are in tutor group for 20 minutes every morning for registration, tutorial activities and an assembly period. This means that Tutors are able to get to know each individual in the class really well.

The Tutor is the first point of contact and can be supported by a Head of Year.

Year Teams and Tutor Groups 2019 - 20

Additional Student Services

We provide a network of systems which try to ensure that all students are supported in their learning. All staff in the College are here to help you if you if you have a question or a problem. For Learning and Communication needs, our SEND teams offer comprehensive support and advice.

For Social, Emotional and Mental Health support, students are able to access:

  • Support to develop independent social, emotional and mental health skills
  • Independent counselling

  • Art therapy
  • ‘Haven’ spaces

  • Lunch and break time support

  • Assistive technology
  • Information, advice and guidance on accessing external support services