Our vision for our Humanities curriculum

The aim of the History Department is to:

  • Create enthusiastic historians who can think critically and who have a curiosity to learn about the past.

  • Enable students to broaden their minds, to learn about the experiences of different people, different places and different ideas.

  • Enable students to explore key events and investigate themes through history and consider change, continuity, similarity and difference.

  • Enable students to make sense of Britain, Europe and the world today.


Curriculum overview


KS3 History Year 7 Curriculum Overview ( Click here )
Year 8 Curriculum Overview ( Click here )
Year 9 Curriculum Overview ( Click here )


KS4 History Y10, Y11 Curriculum Overview ( Click here )


Intent, Implementation and Impact

How did we design the curriculum? Click here for details


Studying History at KS4

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