The English curriculum

The aim of the English Department is to:

  • create literate, articulate students who are able to engage meaningfully in the written word and communicate effectively as individuals
  • provide students with a wide range of engaging, challenging and complex texts that broaden their understanding of the world and their investment in “cultural capital”
  • systematically teach students the fundamentals of grammar so that they are then able to manipulate linguistic structures  to communicate both accurately and effectively
  • explicitly teach and train students in the use of tier 2 vocabulary so that they build an understanding of the nuances of language, a rich and varied active vocabulary that effects success at GCSE but, more importantly, develops their potential to think with accuracy
  • develop students’ oracy so that they are able to articulate their ideas, develop their confidence and their individual voice


Curriculum overview


KS3 English Year 7 Curriculum Overview ( Click here )
Year 8 Curriculum Overview ( Click here )
Year 9 Curriculum Overview ( Click here )


KS4 English Y10 ( Click here )



Intent, Implementation and Impact

How did we design the curriculum? Click here for details



Studying English at KS4

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Studying English Literature at KS4

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