Positive Living

The Positive Living curriculum

The aim of the positive living program is to:

  1. Build socially aware, culturally competent and critical young adults who are prepared for the opportunities and challenges of adult life. 
  2. To expose students to local and world wide issues so they have a greater understanding and sense of the world around them
  3. To develop the value of community and aspirations so our students go on to lead fulfilling lives which embrace British values. 
  4. To support students in the changes they’ll experience throughout secondary school and beyond.

Curriculum overview

Positive Living Curricullum Sept 2021

KS3 Impact days 2020-2021 Year 7 Overview ( Click here )
Year 8 Overview ( Click here )
Year 9 Overview ( Click here )


KS3 Impact days 2021-2022 Yr 8 Intended impact day and objectives ( Click here )
Yr 9 Intended impact day and objectives ( Click here )



KS4 Impact days 2020-2021 Year 10 Overview ( Click here )
Year 11 Overview ( Click here )


KS4 Impact days 2021-2022 Yr 10 Intended impact day and objectives ( Click here )
Yr 11 Intended impact day and objectives ( Click here )


Students will also receive a workshop from AlterEgo called ‘Chelsea’s choice’. They will receive this at some point between yr 9 and 11. This drama performance raises awareness of sexual exploitation. It also consolidates learning done in our relationships theme. 

Key topics covered in the performance and discussion: 

  1. What makes a Healthy Relationship
  2. What makes an Unhealthy Relationship
  3. Safe Internet Use/Sexting
  4. What is Consent
  5. The Grooming Process, Child Sexual Exploitation & the differing method
  6. Avoiding Victim Blaming
  7. Where to go for help & advice

Please see this website for more information: http://www.alteregocreativesolutions.co.uk/chelseas-story/


Intent, Implementation and Impact

How did we design the curriculum? Click here for details