Design and Technology

Our vision for our D.T. curriculum


Our vision for the D.T. curriculum is that students:

  • Can use a range of materials, tools and equipment to design and improve the world around them. 
  • Are able to use a range of strategies to think and design creatively when faced with problems and challenges to support life skills. 
  • Can make informed choices as consumers of products and technology.
  • Evaluate and understand the key principles of design and the impact design and technology has on society. 
  • Are able to plan, prepare and safely cook a range of dishes that enables students to lead a healthy lifestyle. 
  • To know and understand the nutritional content and function of ingredients in the dishes they cook or consume. 
  • Understand how food is produced and the impact this has on the environment.


Curriculum overview


DT and Food KS3 Curriculum Overview ( Click here )
KS4 Curriculum Overview ( Click here )



Intent, Implementation and Impact

How did we design the curriculum? Click here for details


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