We currently use ParentMail for email and text communication with our school community as it is a quick and easy way to connect with you and keep you updated with school news and information relating to your child. CCC also uses ParentMail for online payments enabling you to pay for trips, events and revision guides etc as well as topping up cashless catering accounts.  

Paying by ParentMail is easy, safe and available 24/7 at your convenience. Payments can be made by debit or credit card or by producing a barcode to pay cash at a PayPoint location.

As a school we need to send you lots of information about your child, their class and the school in general, throughout the year. ParentMail gives us the ability to send text messages to your mobile phones. We will also be using it to send you emails. This facility enables us to get a message to one parent or the whole school very quickly.

All parents and carers will receive a ParentMail registration request when a student is added to our role. When you receive an IRIS ParentMail account registration email or text message from CCC, select either Register in the email or select the registration link in the text message. As we all have very busy lives, activating a ParentMail account will save you time, especially if you activate the mobile app. If you have an Android or Apple smartphone, simply search for “ParentMail” in your App store.

Nothing can replace a telephone call when it is needed and so mobile text messaging and email will only be used in appropriate situations. We may use the ParentMail system to advise you of the following:-

  • School Closures & Emergency notification of flood etc.
  • Advise/acknowledge that your child is absent from school
  • Test and exam date reminders
  • Invitation to or changes to meetings and school events
  • Unauthorised absence reminder notices
  • Expected time of arrival when returning from a school trip
  • When report cards have gone home
  • General information about what is going on at school

Depending on the reason for contacting you, we will either send an email or a text message to your mobile phone. We may also choose to send some messages in duplicate (i.e. via text & email).

It will be much easier for us to get information directly to parents and be confident that the information has arrived.

TEXT MESSAGES – All text messages sent from school will have ‘ParentMail’ displayed at the top of the message and then 'CCC'. We will be able to see from school when the message has arrived in your phone and so we will know you have received it. You cannot reply via text to these messages so if we are asking for information, please provide that information in the most appropriate way i.e. by telephone, by email or by letter to the school.

Any updates to your email address and preferred mobile number should be in writing to the school office or by emailing

ParentMail Help for Parents