Positive Feedback

If you would like to congratulate an individual member of staff or the school for something, or if you would like to pass on your thanks, please email the Headteacher’s PA, Mrs Karena Ingram at

Thank you in advance for your kind comments.

From communication with a parent June 2022

Fantastic day (1)

From communication with a parent June 2022

Good morning I would just like to say “wow” what an amazing difference I’ve seen in my son over the past few days since starting at the bridge he is like a changed person so much calmer and lot better at home for me and doesn’t get so angry as quickly as he did which is a great weight off my shoulders and less stress for me, this is going to be so beneficial to other students and parents going through similar problems as I was, keep up the brilliant work and thankyou

From communication with a parent May 2022

I just wanted to let you know that xxxxxxx has settled in beautifully at Cullompton College – I am so relieved and happy to know that she is happy again. The  buddy that was allocated to her was a great choice and they have become close friends. xxxxxx even volunteered last week to take part in the school production – helping with costumes. She comes home every day with stories of people she has spoken to and anecdotes about the day.Thanks to you and all the staff for making her transition so successful.


Feedback from Exam Invigilator

As promised, I would like to repeat my comments to the Headmaster, Mr Finney this morning after the Religious Education exam.
I was very pleased and impressed with all the students who sat this exam today.  They were all well behaved, followed all instructions given at the start and there were no distractions.
It is a credit to them all for the way in which they conducted themselves so well.


Feedback from Year 7 Career Guilds 


Congratulations on running an excellent Employer Encounter for your Year 7s.  From a business view the hour ran like clockwork.
I have delivered many presentations in schools on the subject of “Careers in Engineering” mostly to years 8, 9 and 10 but I believe this was the first to Year 7.  I was delighted and surprised how engaged your students were during my highly interactive discussions.  I estimate 60 to 70% of the students in each class took an active role in answering and asking questions.  From my previous experience this is a high proportion.  I loved the way they were confident to answer questions.  


From communication with a parent May 2022

Dear Mr Finney,

Thank you for your letter today congratulating xxxxxx for participating in the Ten Tors event, we too are super proud.

Your whole team at CCC are marvellous, but Messrs Rice, Moreton and their volunteers deserve an extra special thank you for all of the time and effort they have given to enable the young people to take part in this life changing event and I would be grateful if you could pass this onto them.

Kind Regards


From communication with a parent April 2022

Just wanted to say thank you - Parents Eve was great and very well organised.  What a lovely bunch of teachers XXXXX has :)

From communication with a parent April 2022


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your colleagues for all of the positive and constructive feedback we received about XXXXX at parents evening yesterday. It was lovely to hear teachers so passionate about their subjects and eager to help XXXXX achieve her best, especially given the challenges everyone working in education is facing these days. I would be really grateful if you could share my thanks with all of those involved if you get the opportunity.

Thank you again!


From communication with a parent March 2022

.....We wanted to convey our thanks and appreciation to all of her teachers who have been extremely kind and supportive throughout. In particular Mr Davidson, her head of year.


From communication on scoail media March 2022

“We are teaching at Cullompton Community College tomorrow on alcohol awareness and drink spiking issues💪🤩♥️ The young people are always so polite, it’s a pleasure working with their students”


From communication with a parent December 2021

Dear Mr Finney,
We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the positive and  encouraging letter that our daughter XXXXXX received in the post from you. It’s so lovely to have her efforts this term recognised in this way and we’re so proud of the start to her journey at CCC.
We hope you have a lovely Christmas break with your family.


From communication with a parent 15/10/2021

From the Mum of a student who started with us this week in Year 10, her son is happy.  Student has told his mum that he would not choose to go back to his old school and that he mentioned that CCC is so nice and the other students are so helpful and welcoming.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


From Parent 17/09/2021

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making XXXXX (new year 7) so happy with going to school!!! He is enjoying it and it makes life (so) good.  Thank you to you and all of the team - what a great school!


From Parent 19/07/2021

Dear Mr. Finney,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work this year.  I have noticed lots of positive changes to the regime at Cullompton Community College and this has reassured me greatly.  I have been impressed with so many members of staff and I  feel that what the school offers is excellent. My daughter has also really enjoyed some extra curricular activities (music, sign language, Strive Academy, Language Leaders); I am so grateful that she has had these opportunities.

Kind regards,


From Parent 19/07/2021
Good morning 
Could you kindly pass on my thanks to all the staff who have looked after and taught XXXXXX over the last two years. 
The care and support he has received has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough. 
He has thrived in your care,
All the very best to you all.
From visitor 09/06/2021
Dear Mr Finney,
I had the pleasure of leading our team of nurses in administering the HPV vaccinations to your students in year 8 and year 9 yesterday and today.
We received a warm and welcoming reception. The organisation and appointments for the sessions were superbly orchestrated and organised by Suzanne Lobb which were vital to the safe running of the sessions.  She was incredibly supportive and helpful from start to finish and we communicated regularly by phone. Please pass on our huge thanks.
The venue for the immunisation session was perfect. A calm and comfortable setting which was so well managed by Lisa Fribbens. She made us so welcome and supported us and the students with a calm and professional manner.
Lastly, a huge thank you to Caleb Stevens. He was fantastic. He met me in reception and passed on vital information about the students in his care and year group.  His obvious passion for his role is a real asset to your school, he displayed a calm, caring positive attitude and his input was invaluable.
Your students were polite, attentive and listened to all instructions. They too are a credit to their school. Please congratulate them as a whole. We look forward to our future visits.
From parent 24/05/2021
Hello Mr Finney,
Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your staff.  I’m really impressed with the summary report I just received for XXXXXXX. This is the clearest report I’ve had from CCC in the last 2 years and I appreciate the more regular visibility.  It is concise and easy to understand and it’s very timely as I was feeling a bit in the dark as a parent until this point. Interestingly I’d recently been in touch with Miss Sandhu and Mr Stevens essentially asking for exactly this.  It has proved most helpful in discussing progress and expectations with XXXXXX at home.
In addition to the clarity of expectations of behaviour in the CCC way, I particularly appreciate the addition of the awards and badges and recognition for attendance, which I hope will certainly give students something to work towards in the short term as well as through the academic year.  
A great piece of work.
From parent 09/03/2021
I'll just like to add a BIG thank you to CCC for the superb organisation of the students covid testing last week as well as keeping us parents up to date with everything we needed to know for the students returning to school.
From parent 08/03/2021
It's great to get them back to school! Thanks for super organisation and lots of information for children and their parents leading up to this return.
From parent 08/03/2021
Just a little email to thank all the staff who have put in so much effort during this time of home learning. We really appreciate how high quality the home learning experience has been for XXXXX and we understand this is no small feat and involves a lot of staff in a range of ways. It has been much more positive than it could have been and we are very grateful for that. We have found all the teaching staff have been brilliant and Miss Townsend has been amazing as she always is. Also, the communication from the school has been fantastic - from the Head and from the admin team. So a big thank you to everyone. We wish you all the best in your new return to school. Kind regards, XXXXXX
From parent 05/03/2021
We just wanted to say thankyou for the on-going support you have given all the children at the school during such difficult times. We are grateful for all the efforts made in being able to continue learning from home with live lessons.
Even yesterday you continue to impress with the efficient way you have so quickly set up and rolled out the lateral flow testing programme. Also, last night we had the year 8 parents evening which was so well organised being able to virtually speak to all the teachers you needed too.
In fact we were so impressed with the IT system used for parents evening we feel that this is something you should continue to use. It was so much easier than trying to move around a busy school hall trying to jump in at the right time for your slot and also much more private.
XXXXXX is looking forward to returning to school on Monday and we wish you every success with bringing everyone back safely and along the road to normality.
Best Wishes,
Comments from Y8 parents evening 04/03/2021
"I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to all the staff for the fab work they are doing".
-"Yet again, I am overwhelmed by the School's support and response to this virus and feel confident my children are in safe hands, thank you".
-"Thank you for your support with my child, the online work has enabled a regular routine and being able to come into School has also enabled them to have the social interaction they would have not had".
-"We just wanted to say thankyou for the on-going support you have given all the children at the school during such difficult times. We are grateful for all the efforts made in being able to continue learning from home with live lessons".
-"My child is looking forward to coming back to School on Monday and I am thankful for the efficient way the process to return has been dealt with".
-"Everyone is just great at the College".
From parent 04/03/2021
I also just wanted to say thank you to you and all the teachers who have supported the children over the last few months through the online classes. You’ve all done an amazing job at keeping them on track, engaged and learning.  There are so many horror stories of homeschooling children who are not interested, messing around and causing huge amounts of stress at home.  XXXX hasn’t been like that at all, every day he’s up and ready on time without any word from us, and from what I can tell, works hard and completes all his work.
From parent 03/03/2021
Dear Mr Finney,

I wanted to write and say thank you to you and your team for all of your efforts throughout lockdown. I can only imagine the hard work that has gone into the live lessons, keeping on top of the constant Government advice (often last thing on a Friday afternoon) and now the set up for the students to be tested this week, it is impressive!

The fact that the students are being tested before the 8th March means that they can start back, straight away, on Monday and I wanted you to know that it is very much appreciated. I am not surprised that you had such a high percentage of parents agreeing to the testing, because us parents recognise all of the hard work you and your staff have done and are happy to support you.
From parent 26/02/2021
'I also want to express my thanks and support for seeking to open up as quickly as possible after 8 March by conducting the first COVID tests from 3 March' 
From college coach service 26/02/2021
Dear Cullompton College.
This has been playing on my mind for some time, so I have decided I will write to you.
As a coach service we serve schools & colleges from Exeter to Crediton & other local schools.
We have been so impressed and very grateful for the support from the staff on the wearing of masks and the way they have kept the children & staff safe.
Also, as a grandparent with grand children in the office home schooling 2 day's a week, Cullompton colleges learning and the way they have done online schooling has been so impressive and I have also learnt alot !!!
Congratulations, Cullompton College come are the top of my class.


From parent 25/02/2021

Please pass on my thanks to everyone at CCC for all the regular parent updates and the hard work going on behind the scenes making the home schooling work so well and all the preparations for welcoming back all pupils in March.


From parent 24/02/2021

Please pass on to all concerned how well I think CCC have done during this pandemic,live lessons have worked extremely well.


On-Line Learning Feedback - Survey January 2021

Hello, Firstly, a very big thank you. We appreciate the huge efforts from all involved to get lessons to this point. A very steep learning curve for all and therefore quite exhausting I'm sure.  Moving lessons to the live environment is utterly brilliant. It is as close to 'normal' as can be possible and is massively more engaging and rewarding. We are delighted you have managed to achieve this.  

I feel so reassured that my son is being supported all day, every day and that he is being offered the absolute best  in home learning. Thank you all. 

Can I start by saying thank you for the amazing efforts the school has gone to in these difficult times, with the ever changing situation, which has been dealt with in a clear, efficient and well communicated way. You  have put together a comprehensive suite of lessons, and whenever I have stuck my head in my son's room, the lessons are interactive and well attended. To put this together in a matter of days I’m sure has been a  monumental task.  

I think CCC has done an amazing job implementing this under the current circumstances. Fantastic effort all round to keep kids engaged and continuing learning.

I am really impressed with the Live Learning that you are offering. Giving the students time with their teachers and peers is so important and I think it will make a huge impact on their mental well being, as well as their  academic achievements and success. The organisation and hard work that has gone into providing this is excellent, so thank you CCC for making this difficult situation workable and effective. 

These really are strange times, but Live Learning has given back some structure to the day and I do not feel that my child is missing out on her education. I know it's not the same as actually being in class, but feel  it's the next best thing.  

A massive Well Done (and thank you) to all the staff at CCC for getting this up and ready. 

Keep up the great work you're all doing. Keep safe and well. You are doing a brilliant job in difficult circumstances - thank you! 

Live Learning is amazing. They spend much more time ‘at school’ now. Thank you! 

Big thank you to all the teaching and admin staff for making this work. 

I think online learning has been a great success.

Well done to all CCC staff you're all doing a great job. 

We really appreciate the  hard work that all of the staff have put in to make this possible, thank you. 

I think you're all doing an amazing job, so well done!!

A huge thanks to all of the teachers and everyone  involved. 

I think it is fantastic that you are doing Live Learning. 

Having the teacher in the lesson and a face there talking the children through the work  is fantastic. So much more personal and engaging. 

Thank you so much for all the hard work that everyone has put in to get live learning off the ground

As parents we'd like to thank all the teachers & staff for all they are doing in these difficult times. 

We really appreciate the hard work that all of the staff have put in to make this possible, thank you.

My son wanted to tell you that he has found the online learning to be ' absolutely brilliant' thanks to all. 

I think you have all done really well. Thank you for all the hard work that you have all put in so our children can still get an education. 

Thank you CCC staff for all your hard work especially with year 11 I think it's working well 

Well done CCC - doing an amazing job! Keep it up! 

Please thank all of your staff for their help and support, and for keeping us up to date. 

Doing a brilliant job can't think of any improvements.  Pleased that the children are able to continue learning.

The live learning has been great. Well done to everyone involved. 

Many thanks again to everyone for your hard work 

It's really  appreciated that feedback is more timely than before so again keeping motivation up. It has reduced the burden on us as parents to constantly provide input and encouragement. Thank you for all the teachers' efforts. 

Brilliant job so far, nice for the students to have some normality in these strange times. Thank you all for your hard work.

Appreciate the  hard work the school has done to get to this point in such a short space of time! 

I appreciate the huge amount of work this new format must involve, but I am so grateful that we have some firm structure to our days. 

We find the increased amount of feedback during this period a great help and allow us to better ensure that our children are keeping up and making the correct progress. 

Thank you to all involved and for the excellent communication during these changing times. 

I am really impressed with the Live Learning that you are offering. 

I do think it's a vast improvement especially for my autistic son

Think this is fantastic

Hi we've been so so pleased with live learning

I think the transition has been brilliant and a much better way of working

I think CCC has done an amazing job implementing this under the current circumstances. Fantastic effort all round to keep kids engaged and continuing learning

Im very happy with all that you have done with home learning.

Thank you all so very much. 

I am really impressed with live learning. I feel that it is making my child take home learning much more seriously.


From Parent 04/02/2021

Dear Mr Finney,  

We just wanted to thank you for the efforts made by you and your staff during a very difficult year. It was also very much appreciated that you asked for and responded to the feedback on the first two weeks of online learning. The changes made to the timetable, with longer and standardised breaks, have made a big difference in terms of improving the home learning experience for our children. They’re less drained and have more energy at the end of the school day. 

With kind regards,  


From Parent 27/01/2021
Dear Mr Finney and Mr Haynes
I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for providing such excellent provisions and online learning. I will be sending an email to Ofsted also as I feel very strongly that the work Cullompton scool staff have put into the online learning and the fact that they were able to get this up and running so quickly has been outstanding. I have 3 other children also home learning at the moment and the work is nowhere near to the standard XXXX has been receiving. I feel that XXXX has not had any less of an education since being at home and the efforts the staff have put in have been exemplary.  I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and all the staff for your efforts. I know of lots of other high schools in the area and they are not offering the provisions that you are so just wanted to pass on my gratitude. 
Many thanks again and a big well done to you and all the staff. 
Kindest regards 
Some parent feedback during parents evening  21/01/2021
The parents wanted to say a big thank you to the school for all that we are doing to support the students. They have been very impressed and pleased with the quality of live teaching, and mentioned how it's made everything much easier. 


From Parent 13/01/2021

Good morning,
I would just like to say how impressed we are with the new live online teaching that you are providing the children to enable them to continue learning and keep in touch during these circumstances, also it’s great for the children to have the support there too if needed.
My girls have been getting on with it really well and myself and my husband are key workers and have been able to continue working.  Please pass on our thanks to their teachers and all concerned who have been working so hard to make this work and remain positive for the children during this tough time, it is very much appreciated.
Kind regards,


From Parent 13/01/2021

I am sending this email with some positive feedback regarding online learning.

I am extremely impressed so far with the engagement between the teachers and students it is just what xxx needed. I can now concentrate on working from home for the NHS instead of guiding xxx through his working whilst encouraging him to do it to his full potential (which can be quite difficult with a teenage lad). The feedback from individual teachers/lessons has also been amazing so there is no room for slacking making my life much easier.
I hope you are all keeping well in school.  Our biggest thanks to you all at CCC for your hard work during this difficult time.
Best wishes
From Parent 12/01/2021
Dear CCC,

I have to email you to tell you how brilliant the online learning has been today. I have two children (in years 7 & 9). They were both engaged and supported all day. My daughter, who is in year 7, has been so much happier today than last week. The new way of home learning has hugely boosted her confidence.

Thank you to all of the staff at CCC for such a professional and supportive way of teaching. As I parent I am so reassured that they are not missing anything or falling behind.

I cannot thank you enough.

Many thanks


From Parent 12/01/2021
I sit most days feeling very smug, as XXXX cracks on with quality learning, while his friends at XXXXXXX game all day having done a couple of worksheets.  
Please thank staff, as the pressure and challenges at the moment are huge for them professionally and personally.


From Parent 11/01/2021

"CCC is doing an amazing job trying to get the best for our children during this challenging times. Please pass on my thanks to all the staff"


From Parent 11/01/2021

Dear Mr Finney
I am mum to two pupils at CCC, xxx in year 7 and xxx in year 10.  I just wanted to email to say an enormous thank you to you and your staff for all the hard work and effort that it must have taken to set up the online learning for the pupils at Cullompton Community College.  After the first day of on-line learning we can already see the benefits, it appears to be a much better way for children to learn.  Seeing their teachers, hearing their voices, interacting with their classmates and being part of live on-line lessons will help my children enormously.  The video that Mr Haynes compiled to explain the process was really helpful.
Whilst writing, I would also like to take the opportunity to pass on my thanks for all the help and support that both Miss Selley and Miss Withers have given to my daughter xxx in year 10.  Miss Selley has been amazing at getting xxx the support, accessing the school counsellor and making it as comfortable possible for xxx to remain at school during this worrying time.  I honestly don't know how we would have coped as a family without the tremendous support that has been put in place.
Once again, many many thanks to you and your team for everything that has been put in place to keep our children safe and ensure that their learning continues in the best way possible.


From Parent giving feedback to COVID online learning

'Thank you CCC, this is brilliant.  As a parent this is everything I could possibly want from a school at the moment.'


From a Parent 08/01/2021

Hi. Not sure who this needs to be given to but I just wanted to say a big thank you for the chrome book for #### to borrow. It will be a big help and I am so pleased I asked as the live streams would have been disastrous without it! Also, thank you for working hard to sort out a new learning system. I am sure this week has been crazy and I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the hard work that will have gone into everything. The live lessons sound great and should help a lot. Crossed fingers it all works ok for your staff and the children. I hope you all have a restful weekend after the busy week! Thanks again,


From a Parent 8/12/2020

"I walked down to home bargains this morning at 8am, then walked back up through town to Tescos after - I could not believe that all the children from CCC looked so neat and tidy and as I walked they all moved aside and gave her space and some even walked into the road and she wanted to give the praise out to them".

From Parent 4th November 2020

Thank you so much for the meeting this afternoon and for all your time. It was lovely to hear such positive feedback. We are delighted that XXXXXX is settled and clearly loving school and please pass on our thanks to all the staff who are supporting her. 

From Parent 4th November 2020
My daughter joined year 7 in September 2020, due to the extended lockdown I thought that her transition into CCC would be difficult but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Clearly behind the scenes a lot of work had gone into ensuring the smooth hand over of information. My daughter is so happy at CCC, she has become really independent and made new friendships, she is keen to do her homework and appears to have a new love of learning and excitement in her eyes. Having positive feedback from the staff is a clear indicator that she is enjoying school. 
I know this is due to the dedication of staff ensuring that all her needs are met and I am so grateful for this. There appears to be a warm and friendly welcome on entering CCC and this clearly sets a positive example for the students. 

From a Parent 15/08/2020

Dear Mr Finney,
We just wanted to write to thank you for all the hard work you and your staff have done since joining the school (and before!) We appreciate this has been an extremely hard time and, from a parental point of view, we are really pleased that you are all taking the safety of our children and community so seriously as well as working so hard to communicate to us about everything (particularly as we have very vulnerable members in our household). In addition, we appreciate the efforts of all the teachers to get back to what they do so well. XXXXX has made a very positive start to the year and we know this is thanks to all your efforts. The achievement points really work well. Our daughter, XXXXX, has now also made a positive start at Exeter College, following five happy years at CCC and this is largely because of the effort your staff put in to make her feel part of the CCC family, build confidence and leave school with good results. So this is just a quick thank you email.