Information Technology

All pupils  are issued with their own Google account upon entry to the college. These accounts stay with the pupil throughout the 5 years at the college. It is the responsibility of the pupil to maintain their account and to keep it secure. Pupils sign an Acceptable User Policy at the beginning of the year and then a shortened version every half term. Pupil accounts are monitored using Smoothwall. Pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe online through their Tutorial programme and computer science lessons.

As parents, you can help to keep your child safe online by:

  • Establishing ground rules for the use of tech in your household ( where, when and what )
  • Taking an interest in what your child is doing online and encouraging good behaviour
  • Keeping to age ratings ( they are there for a reason )
  • Improving your knowledge as a parent ( so you are able to have a more informed conversation with your child )

To help you with this, we have created a page of useful guides based around technologies you are more likely to experience at home. Click here to access.



Parents and Carers are able to purchase chromebooks through the school.  We have chosen one of the latest models that is "ruggedised".  This means it is "spill-proof" and drop tested from 1.4 metres.  It has been designed and built for the education market, which is why we choose the HP Chromebook 11 G6 EE.  We also supply with a warranty and a case.  Parents that purchase a chromebook usually do so to allow their child to use it in school.  So that all our students are safe, we place the chromebook in our google domain.  This allows us to filter content to meet safeguarding requirements and best practice.  This filtering is applied when in school and when at home.  Therefore, some web content will not be available to students when at home, just as it is not when in school. 

 "Other models are available" and can be purchased in major retail outlets.  However, if a parent or carer chooses to purchase a Chromebook for school use from somewhere other than CCC, there will be a £20 fee to licence the chromebook to our school domain so we can meet our required e-safety and safeguarding obligations.  (This £20 fee is included in the price of a Chromebook when purchased through the school). 

Google Chrome Auto Update policy