We believe that students and staff can work better together by communicating effectively and the Student Council exists as a professional forum for student voice. Students are elected by peers to represent their year group through the council. Meetings are run by an elected student chairperson supported by tutors, the pastoral team, support staff and the Head teacher. 

Students are proud to take on leadership responsibilities as prefects, junior sports leaders, House Captains, subject ambassadors, and assist with clubs, activities and links with primary schools. Each student also belongs to a House. House names were chosen by students and are each named after Greek Gods. Student representatives designed the House Badges. Each of the four Houses consists of people of different ages for competitions, sports, activities and celebration. 

Our Student Council consists of 2 student representatives from each year group. (We vary this if there are more keen representatives from one year group and less from another) Students put themselves forward to be representatives and write a letter of application to say why they would be good representatives for their year group and for the school. Applicants read their letter to the existing school council who will then vote on which students should be selected based on their letter / speeches. Once elected then a Chair-person, Vice Chair and Secretary are appointed from the council reps.

The Council meet regularly to discuss current issues and plans. Meetings are timetabled to take place in tutor time through the year and are held in the library supported by Mrs Lisa Fribbens, school Librarian. 

All students are given opportunities to discuss any issues of relevance to them in tutor time, supported by the tutor. These issues (and what students propose to do about them) should then go to the school council year reps to take to the school council meetings. School Council feedback to tutor groups so that communication is maintained. The aim is that students come up with ideas to improve things for people in school or in the community, but also that they have an idea how to plan, organise and implement strategies, with adult support. We invite Mrs Phelan, the Headteacher to meetings and a Governor from time to time, to keep them up to date and involved in what the student body hope to achieve. We involve ourselves in many projects: 

  • Fund-raising for the school

  • Devising whole school student questionnaires to highlight what the students like, 

what they would like to change and how they can help us with this

  • Making things happen for the benefit of the students in school and charities

  • Delivering assemblies across the school

  • Supporting students when they experience any kind of problem